About Us

SiliconNigeria magazine, Nigeria’s flagship ICT innovation journal highlights technology-driven innovations across the broad spectrum of the economy. This all colour magazine addresses local content initiatives by ICT entrepreneurs and organisations, latest IT solutions, software and mobile applications, gadgets and emerging technologies transforming lives and impacting Nigerian environment and the world in general.

SiliconNigeria magazine is as a resource for academic research, a handbook for unveiling the latest scientific and technological innovations. It is overseen by international award winning ICT and business minded media practitioners with decades of experience in newspapers and magazines and understands the challenges and the way forward for the development of the economy.

SiliconNigeria Magazine is designed for all age groups, social cleavages and businesses both in public and private sectors and focuses on technology products, solutions and services relating to young people, the aged and corporate bodies. This is because technology affects virtually everyone whether young or old, educated or illiterate.

In this age of Web 2.0, a major discourse in Nigeria today is transforming our consuming economy to that of technology-driven exporter. It is an issue that is differentiating economies, business organizations, individuals and the larger society in many ways. To this end, SiliconNigeria mission is to open up the vast abundant intellectual and natural resources that are available in Nigeria and the rest of world.

SiliconNigeria magazine celebrate the youthful zeal in our young apps developers and local content initiatives. It brings to the fore, hidden talents in the industry and highlights hardworking and well meaning individuals, businesses and institutions that are contributing to the national aspiration for a digital economy. We are the ICT Apostle for a Digital Nigeria. We fly the flag of our ICT ambassadors. This is our pledge and together we all shall achieve it.

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